Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Just too many work to finish

Tmr: V&P, Motif
Sat,Sun: Cosfest
Mon: Pattern, Design

week 13: CCS presentation, 1200 words draft


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some update.

Why am i updating here even though i got tons of work to do?
Because i'm too bored and hopeless to do anything else.

The story begin when i have an allergy  in the middle of the night.
It is damn itchy and i look so chui i probably can't going anywhere tomorrow even i have a submission.

Hope i'll all gone soon before i scratches my skin out.
What else can i do now? Pray?

Anyway became addicted to camwhore lately.

My hair colour now is brown. Just brown. Quite light compared to the first time i dyed it.

In this photo it's still darker. The colour comes out everytime i wash my hair made me nearly going blonde again ARGH
Speaking about blonde i kinda miss that colour on my head lol

Now i plan to go red next. That Park Bom wine red<333333
Next month! It will be the time! 

By the way the make up tutorial that i said in process is now done~
so the post is coming soon i guess? :D

Hmp... i don't really have anything else to say.
So that's it.

See you next time.

My filter-made red head LOL
Not bad right!?

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Suffocating submission so badly.
AFA is coming, IN BETWEEN. why you coming faster 1 week than before!? WAE!!??

Anyway gotta make it.
Gotta make the impossible possible.
I can, I must and I will.
No breakdown, No back out!

Gotta blog on my secret base again when I'm free!


Thursday, October 27, 2011


Apparently i'm so bored.
Bored enough to take a challenge on blogging in blogger.


I totally tired with school and study and so need a one day escape from everything.
After i got a stack of A and A+ on my formative feedback form i knew it's time to reward myself!
So i finally went to USS for my stocking shoot but didn't manage to ge ta photo cuz of the stupid Halloween parade policy. =_=
And i missed the photo with Puss in Boots!!! MAD ANGRY =_____=



Anyway i get a ride on roller coaster. It was mad fun! XB too scared to take a ride...
Plus a ride on Madagascar marry go round with a cute penguin! << okay this sound so childish but i luv it!!

sorry for my chui only-eyeliner face. i'm too lazy as always, not a good excuse though LOL

One of the funny thing was that when i was trying to camwhore myself with the penguin.
Of corse i am a self-cliam-pro camwhorer but the camera lens i bring for the day was a fix lens and have a very long focus range, therefore it takes time to make it focus on me.
THEN the indian guy asked for my cam n took the pic for me, smiled proudly n walk off.
I checked the camera and may reacion was ...... You got two hands holding on cam, eyes looking at the screen and the pics still blurry and dark while i used only one hand n not see the cam but got a good pic of myself .....OKAYYY...................

And i laugh out with XB.
sorry but cant help it.


Was very hungry.
We ate in Mel's drive in while waiting for the rain to stop.

Shiok burger is shiok!!!

There's still many more photos which i am too lazy to put in.
It was a good memory after all!

Ps. I am successful in blogging on blogger! VICTORY HAHA!
Ps.2 I need to stop repeating the lazy word, but i'm so lazy...

Monday, October 3, 2011

1 Year Gone

seems that i only update here once a year LOL
i could update more but blogger always decided to hang on me and that's irritating.

just so you know..

i am back in sg n be a lasalle student as i wished. woohoo~!
nothing interesting about studying life anyway so i'll skip it.

what's exciting?
i went blonddddddeeeee<3

ok not really it's kinda yellow and light brown
the first time dye was all over yellow and second time is ash brown outside
but now when i wash my hair it's turn into subtle dark blond
i'd like a bright white blonde instead but yeah..
maybe i wait for the next year? X)

that's all for now!

PS. iphone app ftw. reduce my unglam-without makeup face lol
PS. i really hope i can update here more. pls stop pissed me off blogger. OTL

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


What i did recently.

asumi as Miku
Lucia as Rin
Hiaki as Luka

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Through this year

YESSS it had been a long time i nv update here.
so i shld do smth to clean it up!
//sweep all the dust away

//sitting on sofa

//sipping tea


ummm... first i must say FINALLY am officially graduated from secondary schl!

it was one year n a half that i spent time in this schl.
it was fun~ even though there were many many probs but i did solve it all! that was so victory!

i oso got award for consistant~<3
got small lavender care bear for tht XDD

this year i have do a lot of cosplay with many ppl.

shiro ang, peggy, saku, night, shuki, vic n moreeee

much love to all those i got new experience everytime n loads of good memory that i shall bring with me to the day am dead.

but lately not so many becus am busy with my study

but still going out with ppl.
more love to saku who always help me, bring me out n many other things tht i cannot rmb. it's too much to rmb, really!

hope to do more things with more ppl next year<3

now really have to focus on study! big exam am putting years afford is in 2 weeks away!!!
JY JY~ i hope that myself gonna get though this smoothly~~

i'll go back after the exam for a longgggg time but i will do miss u guys!
i'll come back for visit so we will see each other someday. LUV U<3