Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CosPic * Paper plane ; Alto Saotome

I was ill yesterday so i didn't go to sch.

Sitting in my room reading TriBlo Novel (Ragw Against the Moon v.2)

Ah~~ Huge is so cool!!! What a guy *3* 

but I like Memlink!  Very cute vampire one.


 This pic is what i do when bored of reading.....

I took it from one mini event last 2 weeks ago.

First time I met up with je-san <3>

Beckie's compact camera is so nice~  and je-san post is good

I can take a lot of angle in one post. Thx for the place too!

[Macross Frontier]

 Jusuke-san @ Alto Saotome




All pics at.... here   *multiply network only*

After that I have to head home eat dimsum with all dormitorians.

It's like a welcome party for me but i just eat, eat and eat. lllOTL

How can i quit eating addict!!! T3T

And.... going home day is coming soon!!! ahh~~

Sunday, June 14, 2009

New Home

Register here, follow my dear Beckie <33

Try to up in English for improve myself  too!!!