Wednesday, November 10, 2010


What i did recently.

asumi as Miku
Lucia as Rin
Hiaki as Luka

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Through this year

YESSS it had been a long time i nv update here.
so i shld do smth to clean it up!
//sweep all the dust away

//sitting on sofa

//sipping tea


ummm... first i must say FINALLY am officially graduated from secondary schl!

it was one year n a half that i spent time in this schl.
it was fun~ even though there were many many probs but i did solve it all! that was so victory!

i oso got award for consistant~<3
got small lavender care bear for tht XDD

this year i have do a lot of cosplay with many ppl.

shiro ang, peggy, saku, night, shuki, vic n moreeee

much love to all those i got new experience everytime n loads of good memory that i shall bring with me to the day am dead.

but lately not so many becus am busy with my study

but still going out with ppl.
more love to saku who always help me, bring me out n many other things tht i cannot rmb. it's too much to rmb, really!

hope to do more things with more ppl next year<3

now really have to focus on study! big exam am putting years afford is in 2 weeks away!!!
JY JY~ i hope that myself gonna get though this smoothly~~

i'll go back after the exam for a longgggg time but i will do miss u guys!
i'll come back for visit so we will see each other someday. LUV U<3