Monday, October 3, 2011

1 Year Gone

seems that i only update here once a year LOL
i could update more but blogger always decided to hang on me and that's irritating.

just so you know..

i am back in sg n be a lasalle student as i wished. woohoo~!
nothing interesting about studying life anyway so i'll skip it.

what's exciting?
i went blonddddddeeeee<3

ok not really it's kinda yellow and light brown
the first time dye was all over yellow and second time is ash brown outside
but now when i wash my hair it's turn into subtle dark blond
i'd like a bright white blonde instead but yeah..
maybe i wait for the next year? X)

that's all for now!

PS. iphone app ftw. reduce my unglam-without makeup face lol
PS. i really hope i can update here more. pls stop pissed me off blogger. OTL

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